Karl Ægir Karlsson
Co-founder, CEO Phd

Karl is a neuroscientist with an extensive background in biological psychology. He is a professor at Reykjavik University and author of numerous peer reviewed publications.

Haraldur Þorsteinsson
Co-founder, CSO

Haraldur has a masters degree in neuropsychology and extensive research experience in the field of neurobehavioral science.

Valerie H. Maier
PhD, Biochemist

Valerie is a highly experienced biochemist with an extensive background in biology and genetics.

Christian Christensen
Medical life scientist

Christian holds an MS degree in medical life sciences. He has extensive research experience in life sciences and manages drug screening projects at 3Z.

Hildur Sóley Sveinsdóttir
Biomedical engineer

Hildur is an experienced researcher in the field of preclinical drug development and oversees drug screening projects at 3Z.

Ólafur Þór Arason

Ólafur is a seasoned engineer who oversees hardware and software development at 3Z.