3Z and biotx.ai Forge Partnership to Advance ADHD Drug Development Using AI Modelling

Reykjavik, Iceland and Berlin, Aug. 18, 2023 — Reykjavik-based drug discovery company, 3Z, and Germany/US-based causal AI firm, biotx.ai, have joined forces in a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing ADHD drug development. By leveraging advanced AI modelling techniques, the collaboration seeks to bridge the gap between animal studies and human clinical trials, enabling a more efficient and accurate translation of promising therapeutics.

3Z, holds expertise in developing genetically engineered models of central nervous system disorders, has successfully identified potential ADHD treatments through its innovative zebrafish screening platform. These lead therapeutics, initially discovered in genetically engineered zebrafish, have undergone rigorous retesting in mammalian models to confirm and extend their therapeutic potential. Notably, these novel ADHD therapeutics are non-stimulants, offering a promising alternative with fewer side effects compared to current treatments and addressing the needs of non-responders.

The partnership between 3Z and biotx.ai aims to establish a robust bridge from animal discovery studies to human clinical trials. By utilizing comprehensive AI-powered human genetics-based modelling, the involvement of the lead therapeutic targets in ADHD will be thoroughly explored. This study will provide insights into the targets’ effects on the disorder, predict potential effects on other diseases or disorders, and assess metabolic changes. Real-world zebrafish measurements will be compared to validate the predictions, ultimately simulating a Phase II clinical trial.

The outcome of this groundbreaking AI study will provide a prediction value for the trial’s success or failure, effectively de-risking the lead compound as it enters a real-world clinical trial. By employing AI modelling, the partnership aims to accelerate the drug development process and improve the efficiency of translating findings from animal models to human trials.

Dr. Karl Karlsson, CEO of 3Z and an expert in behavioral neuroscience and biomedical engineering, emphasized the significance of this partnership, stating, “We are entering a new era in drug discovery and development, where AI has the potential to revolutionize the industry. The animal models we develop focus on disorders and diseases that manifest as dysregulation within neuronal networks, which is probably the most challenging aspect to simulate successfully. However, we can model the effects of the drugs we identify on specific genetic targets, enabling us to obtain critical information and significantly reduce the risk of failure going forward.”

For more information about 3Z and biotx.ai, please visit their respective websites at: http://www.3z.is and http://www.biotx.ai, or follow them on LinkedIn.