Tox assays


Acute toxicity

Checks: Lethality and deviations from normality

Variables: Coagulation, heartbeat, tail malformations and lack of somites

Delivery: LC50 is calculated based on the test


Behavioral toxicity

Checks: Movement patterns

Variables: Swim velocity, light-dark responses, circadian mobility rythms, sleep-wake parameters

Delivery: Detailed plot of circadian rythmicity, responses to light-dark stimuli and sleep-wake
parameters for each tested compound


Cardiovascular toxicity

Checks: Cardiovascular activity

Variables: Heart rate, rythmicity and blood circulation

Delivery: Detailed plot of dose response concentrations for each tested compound


Developmental toxicity

Checks: Morphological variations

Variables: Head, tail, trunk, heart, eyes, circulation, fins and mobility

Delivery: LC50 and % of fish showing developmental defects



We have implemented a wide array of staining protocols using fluorescent and confocal imaging at our facilities, including TH staining for dopamine cells, and acH receptor staining at neuromuscular junctions.

With our expertise and equipment we can custom design a tox assay to address your specific research question at any time.


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