Epilepsy assay

Our epilepsy assay uses zebrafish for a unique, triple approach

We start with a wide-angle view based on high-tech behavioural analysis...

...and then we follow up with fine-grained detection for pinpoint screening accuracy

Zebrafish for epilepsy research

Properly screening compounds for epilepsy is challenging.

A thorough approach demands a large-scale in vivo study and traditional research models have proven to be extremely costly, very narrow and therefore ineffective.

By using the 3Z Epilepsy Assay your company can reduce the overall time it takes to develop epilepsy drugs.


Simply by screening faster and more reliably for the right compounds in the very early stages of drug development.

A clearer way toward the right choice

A 3-fold path to safe and reliable compounds
Dramatically lower early costs during drug discovery
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3 steps to the right compound

PTZ is added to induce a reaction and after that a 3-pronged approach is used to provide a host of useful information.



Compounds tested for seizure control
Our unique behavioural analysis model reveals, on a large scale, which compounds successfully reduce seizures.


Toxicology of successful compounds
Compounds that significantly reduce seizures are run independently through a standard 3Z Tox Assay.



Verification of anticonvulsant effects
Usefulness of successful, non-toxic compounds verified with electrophysiology.

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