Service offering

3Z offers two main types of service; pre-clinical drug screening and toxicity screening.

Our advanced data processing methods of interpreting zebrafish behaviour allow for fast, accurate and cost-effective results when assaying a wide spectrum of diseases or toxicity.

<h3>detailed overview</h3>
A detailed overview of sleep effects for every molecule in the library is made accessible to the customer via an interactive user friendly software as well as in a pdf. <a href="#">Read more</a>


Preclinical drug screening

Preclinical drug screening assays with zebrafish models can dramatically increase cost-effectiveness in the early phases of drug development.

3Z Pharmaceuticals’ use of the zebrafish platform, coupled with our exclusive methods in behavioural modelling and data analysis, make our company a valuable partner in the speeding up of your drug pipeline.

Toxicity screening

Tox assays need to be clear and accurate – and sometimes getting the results is urgent, too. We provide for all these needs with our catalog or tailor made tox-assay solutions, giving you reliable in vivo results on the toxicity of the compound in question.

Tailor made screening

In addition to our in-house assays we can develop customized assays to suit your needs in screening for particular compounds.

Efficacy assays

ADHD assay
Epilepsy assay
Sleep assay
ALS assay
Parkinson’s assay
Tailor made efficacy assays

Tox assays

Neurotox assay
Tailor made toxicity assays


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