Zebrafish screening services

Zebrafish for pre-clinical drug and toxicity screening.

Our advanced data processing methods of interpreting zebrafish behaviour allow for fast, accurate and cost-effective results when assaying a wide spectrum of diseases or toxicity.

zebrafish larva through microscope

Screening assays

ALS assay

We take a dual approach to ALS screening:

1. We use zebrafish larvae that exhibit very specific behavioural deficiencies

2. Then we analyze pharmaceutical effectiveness by surveying thousands of individuals at a time with our behavioural analytics.


By measuring differences in swim speed and startle responses we can effectively spot promising pharmaceutical compounds.

Read more about our ALS assay

Epilepsy assay

Our epilepsy assay is used to screen for the effects of compounds in anti-seizure medicine.

What makes our approach stand apart is how we use behavioural models in zebrafish to select the most promising compounds.

The epilepsy assay consists of 3 separate steps:

  1. Test for seizure control

2. Toxicity screening



3. Verification

Read more about the 3Z Epilepsy Assay

Parkinson’s assay

We have been able to identify behavioural symptoms by which to measure drug effectiveness.

We have built on earlier results and developed a behavioural model that elegantly mirrors our research.

Now this behavioural model allows us to screen any pharmaceutical compound for its potential as a Parkinson's drug.

Sleep assay

Our sleep assay allows you to very effectively evaluate the actual sleep-inducing effects of different drug compounds.

The 3Z Sleep Assay analyzes (in a single run) the sleep effects of 48 different pharmaceutical compounds

Here we identify the highest scoring sleep-inducing compounds - and then we run them through again for confirmation and further analysis.

Read more about the 3Z Sleep Assay 

Tailor made screening assays

Which projects are best suited to our technique?

We can develop a highly effective tailor-made assay for genetic diseases, whether or not the genetic component itself is a known factor.

Tox assays

Acute toxicity assay

A reliable toxicity assay that screens for:

  1. lethality
  2. deviations from normality

Read more about our acute tox assay

Behavioral toxicity assay

Large-scale behavioral analysis is our expertise. Using our unique zebrafish model we can perform a wide-ranging toxicological analysis using behavior itself as a compass.

Read more about our behavioral tox assay

Cardiovascular toxicity assay

Get a detailed overview of the way your compounds affect cardiovascular activity.

Read more about our cardiovascular tox assay

Developmental tox assay

A whole-organism approach that gives a unique insight into the effects of toxicity on morphological variations.

Read more about our developmental tox assay

Neurotox assay

Zebrafish are an excellent medium for researching neurotoxicity, and we have the expertise to find the answers you need.

Read more about our neurotox assay

Tailor made toxicity assays

Need to have a compound screened for toxicity?

We have a wide array of ready-made solutions for toxicity screening, as well as the capability to tailor a fast and reliable toxicity assay for exactly your needs. 

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Preclinical drug screening

Preclinical drug screening assays with zebrafish models can dramatically increase cost-effectiveness in the early phases of drug development.

3Z Pharmaceuticals’ use of the zebrafish platform, coupled with our exclusive methods in behavioural modelling and data analysis, make our company a valuable partner in the speeding up of your drug pipeline.

Toxicity screening

Tox assays need to be clear and accurate – and sometimes getting the results is urgent, too. We provide for all these needs with our catalog or tailor made tox-assay solutions, giving you reliable in vivo results on the toxicity of the compound in question.

Tailor made screening

In addition to our in-house assays we can develop customized assays to suit your needs in screening for particular compounds.


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