Press release – Reykjavik 2.2.2018

The board of 3Z Pharmaceuticals has implemented organizational changes to manage the growth of the company. The founder and CEO, Karl Ægir Karlsson, will become Chief Research & Development Officer and focus on research and technological innovation to enhance the company’s product line and further improve the services the company provides to its customers. Perla Björk Egilsdóttir, previously serving as Business Development Manager, assumes the role of Chief Executive Officer with accompanying responsibilities.

Karl Ægir Karlsson: “My role as a CEO since founding the company, has developed from being a side role along the research and technical innovation role, to a full-time management role. With these changes, I can now focus on the research and technical role, to best serve our clients.”

Perla Björk Egilsdóttir, a biochemist who has in her career focused on the managerial aspects within the pharmaceutical and health industry, has a proven track record as an entrepreneurial business leader. “I believe 3Z Pharmaceuticals has very strong potential to become a major player in providing cost-effective solutions for fast and precise drug development to the outsourcing drug discovery market” says Perla and adds that she is extremely proud to be chosen by the board at this point to lead the company forward into the exciting future that lies ahead. “The board of the company has great faith in Perla” says Sigþór Sigmarsson, chairman of the board. “We are making strategic changes, the company is growing and needs capable hands and more segregated roles to maintain the momentum we have, during the fast growth phase ahead.”

3Z Pharmaceuticals is an Icelandic company that has developed a highly time and cost-effective drug screening method using zebrafish larvae. By combining pharmaceutical research with advanced software development, 3Z Pharmaceuticals has created a unique technologically advanced screening method for early drug discovery.

The company recently received a two-year research grant from the Icelandic Technology Development Fund to further develop its unique and highly effective assay for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a neurodegenerative disease also known as ALS.