3Z started using zebrafish for research in 2006.

That alone makes us one of the pioneering players worldwide in zebrafish modelling.

But we did more.

We combined pharmaceutical research with software development and created a whole new way of approaching the zebrafish research model.

Zebrafish for drug screening: The process

We place 2500 zebrafish larvae in separate containment wells, where they acclimate for 24 hours.

Then, since behavioural analysis is an essential part of our approach, we start a video recording.

After that, a precise robot dispenses the pharmaceutical compounds in question and we record the behaviour of the larvae until noon the following day.

When the monitoring is completed we use image analysis to convert behavioural patterns into a workable format for the next, crucial step.

The 3Z element in zebrafish research

After the basic steps of drug administering and video tracking have been completed, we use our exclusive in-house developed software to process the data and provide a thorough and detailed readout of behavioural information; broken down into parameters that allow for early decision-making in drug development.

Parallel screening of
zebrafish larvae
Massive throughput of
compounds per day

Flexible and fully scalable; with our approach no project is too big.


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