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Drug assay consulting

Drug discovery is a fickle, long-term process, full of twists and turns that can suddenly ruin the whole project, almost overnight.

The best way to ensure a healthy start to your endeavour is to find an early molecule selection process that quickly focuses your efforts where they matter; on finding the right early prospect molecules.

General consultation

Valuable insight from our team

Our team can help you find answers to many common problems in early drug development. We can address your problem and work towards solving it.

Assay restructuring

Realign your approach

Solutions that serve you well at one time can quickly become a liability when rivals discover a better way. 3Z can take your existing CNS assay and develop a new one using the zebrafish behavioural model.

From 0 to 3Z in one step

Bespoke solutions

Perhaps you have a new opportunity but no assay to go with it. Sit back and relax while we develop an optimized CNS assay for your needs.

Free 30-minute get-together

Our team can assist you in finding the right way forward and spot opportunities for collaboration.

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