Our board of directors is comprised of experienced people from different fields.

Their backgrounds include pharmaceuticals, engineering, computer science, legal and finance; all of which are essential facets to successfully running a pharmaceutical company driven by software innovation.


Sigthor Sigmarsson (chairman)

Sigthor (C.Sc., electronic engineering) brings a broad skillset to the table with experience from finance and private equity, as well as from the telecom, pharmaceutical and IT industries.


Olof Vigdis Ragnarsdottir

Olof (Cand.jur) is an expert on IP law with wide-ranging experience on technology transfer including agreements.

Computer science

Eyjolfur Ingi Asgeirsson

Eyjolfur (PhD, operations research) is an associate professor of science and engineering at Reykjavik University and the published author of numerous scientific papers concerning algorithms, scheduling and energy.


Andreas Herrmann

Andreas (PhD, biochemistry) has over 2 decades of experience from the pharmaceutical industry; both as a member of top management in multinational companies, and also as an entrepreneur in biopharmaceutical innovation.


Sigurgeir Gudlaugsson

Sigurgeir (B.Sc., international business) has an impressive track record from the pharmaceutical industry, having been CEO of a biotechnology company, global head of M&A at Actavis Group and managing director of the healthcare arm of an international investment firm.


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