Drug development - reinvented

 Using zebrafish: Interesting

Combining behaviour and genetics: Unique

3Z Pharmaceuticals is an exciting CRO player in the fast-growing world of pharma development services. What we have to offer is a verifiably ground-breaking approach to early drug development. Feel free to skip right ahead to more detailed information on our methodology and see why we can dramatically speed up your drug pipeline.

3Z was started in 2008, based on research work conducted at the Reykjavik University Neurolab in Iceland. The company’s first area of interest was sleep research – and that’s where our name came from.

We have since then expanded our service offering to include multiple drug efficacy and toxicity assays. By attracting international investment and securing deals with multinational pharmaceutical companies we have paved the way towards rapid growth and innovation.


We got off to an early start.

"When we founded 3Z almost a decade ago, only a handful of teams worldwide had realized that zebrafish were the next big shift in drug discovery.

Now, as others have followed, we lead with the most original approach; based on advanced behavioural analytics.

If you're concerned with the cost of your drug pipeline, as you probably should be, just get in touch and we'll help you discover new and important information that helps guide you to the right path forward - faster.


Karl Karlsson, CSO and co-founder


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