Publication in Frontiers in Neural Circuits

3Z´s scientists recently published the paper “The ontogeny of sleep-wake cycles in zebrafish: a comparison to humans” in Frontiers in Neural Circuits. In this paper the development of sleep-wake dynamics and sleep and wake bout structure over the lifespan in zebrafish, including a comparison to humans and other mammals studied thus far, is more

3Z and PCI Synthesis enter research alliance

3Z and PCI Synthesis have entered a research collaboration. This entails 3Z´s screening of PCI´s molecular library of CNS active compounds for sleep-wake effects. Any positive findings will be filed for joint patent applications. PCI´s webpage

Recently published paper in Behavioral Brain research

3Z´s scientists recently published the paper “Sleep-wake dynamics under extended light and extended dark conditions in adult zebrafish” in Behavioral Brain Research. In this study the effects of light-dark changes on sleep-wake behavior and gene expression in zebrafish were investigated. read more

Grant from the Icelandic Technology Development Fund

3Z Pharmaceuticals receives a grant from the Icelandic Technology Development fund. The grant (est. 30 million ISK) will be used to perform a high throughput drug screen of a 1200 compound small molecule library, acquired from Prestwick Chemical (France). The screen is aimed at identifying new chemicals that modify sleep and wake behavior. Work on […]

NSA Ventures Invests in 3Z

Good news! “NSA Ventures has entered into an investment agreement with 3Z ehf. The company aims to market a new method for the pharmaceutical industry to gauge the effectiveness of certain molecules on the central nervous system. The system promises to be more effective and economical than the processes currently in use.” Read all about […]